Who does Professor Munakata look like?

When I was waiting for my slot to see the Grayson Perry exhibition I went to see a little display called Professor Munakata’s British Museum Adventure. Looks like a good Manga by  Hoshino Yukinobu, about the professor’s investigation of the missing stones of Stonehenge. It did make me want to buy the book.

And who are they pointing at? 😀

Professor Munakata pointing at somethingThompson and Thomson from Tintin



Kyoto International Manga Museum, Japan

The museum is smaller than I first thought. Even the map looks bigger than it is, and to me it is more a library than a museum.

Ticket= 800 yen =£6

It had most of the manga that has ever published in japan. It also has a room full of a sample of manga books that has been translated to different languages. Then in one of the room that is full ceiling to ceiling with mangas, there are panels explaining the history of manga, the process involved in producing and the life of a Mangaka.

The museum is situated in an ex school building, so the old headmaster (aka Kouchou) room is preserved for ex-students to visit. When I visited there was an activity called Kamishibai (a form of japanese storytelling). The storyteller wore a traditional dress and was very animated. The children seemed captivated – it is a shame that my Japanese is conversational.

The shop was small, but it had a few good English books on manga.

A little quirk about Japanese museums is they provide stamps, so that you can stamp your book to prove that you have been there.

  • Website: Japanese style website – I am surprise generally with Japanese website, their navigation and their design, seems to be lacking even though one would think that they are highly advanced in technology – am I missing something?? Anyone?
  • Printed materials: Map + brief description and  a separate sheet to explain a bit more, it seems that they also have a yearly pass. And they do however have a cute Icon character
  • Facilities: N/A – didn’t use any
  • Events and Activities: there is a colouring your own statue – I’m not sure where the link is really
  • Exhibition:N/A – doesn’t seem to have anything special
  • I wish: I can read Japanese and can spend more time reading the Manga
  • Audiences: a must for Otaku’s, but generally there other things you can visit in Kyoto
  • Overall the museum: gets 2 stripes – for good collection but not really telling much of a story.

Visited in 2010

China Comic and Animation Museum – Must Go List

Visual Rendering of the inside of the museum of China Comic and Animation Museum

@MVRDV visual rendering

Wow! I want to be in the Caucus Race of this one. 30,000 square metres, inspired by bubble speech, and will have boat tours coming out of it. This is immense!

I want to know:

  1. When will the project actually start in 2012?
  2. When will it be finished?
  3. Would the main collection be all the comic from all over the world or would it concentrate in Chinese ones?

This looks huge and probably 1000x the size of the Kyoto International Manga Museum, Japan. This reminds me to talk about that visit. Coming up next review on Kyoto International Manga Museum.

Museum Internship – for Art Historian Jedi

This video made me laugh, although I think it could do without the slightly racist and homophobic remarks. It is quite good in describing internships and museums. It also described the difference between Museum and Art Gallery. Plus it tells you who works in the museum. It is rather surprising when quite a lot of people don’t really know about the diverse roles available in the museum world. But it does make me think it is really hard to be an intern. I wonder whether they have young people Volunteering in the US instead of doing internships?

“The Louvre is a museum and Del Prado is a Gallery. You will never understand until you visit them both”

And the second video that I watched (which is actually the first of the 2) showed that it looked harder to go to a uni that you want in the US.

Leaflets and friends – Grayson Perry Exhibition

Grayson Perry Exhibition Leaflet and Events Brochure

Inside of brochureThe Leaflet

  • Clean and clear
  • I like the clear 2 grid system – I love grids
  • The pink links in with Grayson Perry

The Event Brochure

  • I like that  it is also a poster of ‘Pilgrimage to the British Museum” drawing – double sidedprinting is always better to me.
  • It mentions the shopping, restaurant and online aspect of the exhibition
  • It features event for everyone including a Handling Session for visually impaired – Although I am not sure whether that part needs a bit more spacing between each line and also I would not use italics – as it is meant for the visually impaired, accessibility wise is not great.

I also saw banners, posters and listing on the Art Fund brochure all look very clean, clear and consistent. I think however the exhibition needs a free booklet memento, like other exhibitions I have been in other museums. Or perhaps have a book that is smaller than the £25 exhibition catalogue.

Grayson Perry at British Museum

The Rosetta Vase from the Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman

Infographic on a vase

The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman exhibition

The exhibition displays Perry’s thoughts process of why and how he chose the objects and those that he created. I think although his thoughts are perhaps not really new even though in some part it sounded unreal, he managed to articulate things really clearly which makes the objects interesting. The exhibition also showed that perhaps actually, people around the world are not too dissimilar and throughout the time, they haven’t change that much.

  • Favourite Object: You Are Here Vase – It featured who visits the exhibition. Audience Segmentation on a Vase – How can you not like it? I’ll talk about it in another post
  • Favourite label: Magick – part of the quote said:’… Sometimes our very human desire for meaning can get in the way of having a good experience of the world…”
  • Object I wished I thought of: None
  • Other things I noticed: the main vase that has been used on all the publication – Rosetta Vase– looks like infographic on a vase *I think we should encourage having infographics on everything. (@.@) I think I can be friend with Alan Measles, as we are rather similar.
  • Overall rating: 3 Stripes– interesting enough but would not say that it is brilliant

Have you seen it? What do you think about it? What makes it good what makes it uninteresting?

Next Up – Printed marketing material of the exhibition..

Meetings has to end

I have learnt from my cousin the Wise Dodo (who happens to appear with Alice in a book;the excerpt where the wisdom can be found) that :

  • Meetings has to end
  • It is about time for things to move on
  • For others to understand me I need to speak plain English and not use long words
  • Eaglet knows that Wise Dodo sometimes use words that he himself does not know what it means
  • The best way to understand things is to do it
  • People tends to follow trends (in his case it is the Caucus race, in museums it is in some marketing techniques) without knowing or understanding the reason for it
  • Perhaps following trend is not such as a bad idea or perhaps it is even better to have a different idea altogether

You may find in this stripy world of mine, nothing is simply just black or just white, I will always present the stripes.


Ps of the day: I could not believe that my spell checker does not recognise the word learnt.