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Leaflets and friends – Grayson Perry Exhibition

Grayson Perry Exhibition Leaflet and Events Brochure

Inside of brochureThe Leaflet

  • Clean and clear
  • I like the clear 2 grid system – I love grids
  • The pink links in with Grayson Perry

The Event Brochure

  • I like that¬† it is also a poster of ‘Pilgrimage to the British Museum” drawing – double sidedprinting is always better to me.
  • It mentions the shopping, restaurant and online aspect of the exhibition
  • It features event for everyone including a Handling Session for visually impaired – Although I am not sure whether that part needs a bit more spacing between each line and also I would not use italics – as it is meant for the visually impaired, accessibility wise is not great.

I also saw banners, posters and listing on the Art Fund brochure all look very clean, clear and consistent. I think however the exhibition needs a free booklet memento, like other exhibitions I have been in other museums. Or perhaps have a book that is smaller than the £25 exhibition catalogue.