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Our tendencies to make Right

It took me and Alice a while to digest this, but the concept of animating discussion and debate (not animated discussion) is really good. I agree with quite a few of his ideas, and some actually made me think.

To live differently involves to think differently, involve seeing the world and ourselves in a new perspective

Most of our behaviour including social interaction is as a result of us responding automatically to the world around us rather than the outcome of concious decision making

The argument

We are very bad at predicting what is going to make us happy and we are even bad to recognise what made us happy in the past

really struck me.

And the statement

Our tendencies to make RIGHT or TRUE that is which is merely FAMILIAR

and Wrong or FALSE that is which is only STRANGE

rings so true, and I feel that this is so apparent when you are managing change.

Am I being one of those Dodo’s that is easily led or so struck by new ideas? Ideas that might still develop in the future? Maybe, but I am definitely going to watch more of these videos.




Museum Internship – for Art Historian Jedi

This video made me laugh, although I think it could do without the slightly racist and homophobic remarks. It is quite good in describing internships and museums. It also described the difference between Museum and Art Gallery. Plus it tells you who works in the museum. It is rather surprising when quite a lot of people don’t really know about the diverse roles available in the museum world. But it does make me think it is really hard to be an intern. I wonder whether they have young people Volunteering in the US instead of doing internships?

“The Louvre is a museum and Del Prado is a Gallery. You will never understand until you visit them both”

And the second video that I watched (which is actually the first of the 2) showed that it looked harder to go to a uni that you want in the US.