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Visual Identity – Consistency

I heart consistency in visual branding. Why? We all know why consistency is important

Audience Recognition

Brands you are most familiar with are those that has a simple logo, striking colour/ font, and have been using the logo everywhere consistently. Usually they are also located in the same place etc etc.  These are usually successful brands. I am sure at least 70% of you would know this even though it is only 20% of the logoguess the logo

Where would it usually be found on its product or advertisements? Is it on the top left hand corner?

Why is Audience Recognition importance, because recognition = awareness. Don’t we all want to increase people’s awareness of our museum? We all want people to know that we exist? We want to be in people’s mind, specially when it comes to thinking about a place to visit or spending their time.

I love V&A as a museum, so I was rather disappointed to find a downloadable material that does not have its logo on it, whereas everything else has at least its logo. Is there any specific reason for it?

Consistency of Visual Identity V&A

1. V&A facebook page, 2. V&A diary 2012 3.V&A site map 4.V&A teacher’s resources