Curating Contemporary + Traditional Collection on blogs

Everyone is a curator now – there is a lot of debate on whether the word is properly used online, such as what Anne Kingston said:

The verb “curate” has become such an overworked—and distorted—marketing buzzword, it’s now in need of curation itself.

and Noah Briar said:

The newest one is curation. I’m a bit less sure about this, but I have a feeling that all these people throwing it around are using it incorrectly.

But I say, why not? why not let people curate what they want to ? to take care of what they like or to select what they like or have affinity to?

If we are worried about no one gate keeping the objects selected, or that people might forget those objects from the past, perhaps we should encourage the comparison of current object and museums object.

The idea came from one of design and fashion blogs, OhJOY, and the exhibition by Grayson Perry, where he curated British Museum’s object with his own artwork. Contemporary Collecting, which is what most design blogs are collecting and curating items that are interesting for them. I thought it would be interesting to do this with museum objects on this blog.

British Museum – Lyon, France, around AD 1630   Clock-watch with calendar and alarm by Jean Vallier

and Accessorize – UK,  November 2011, Grandfather Clock Collar – £15 .

Clock Watch from AD 1630

British Museum

And look at what is inside the clock.

Of course the watch from AD 1630 is beautiful and intricate. With images of Apollo and 9 Muses.

This watch, with its unusual case design, finely engraved decoration, striking, calendar and alarm, possibly represents the best that money could buy at the time.


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