Has the Film Already Started – Tate Britain

Has the Film Already Started?

      I am not quite sure about this exhibition. Is it an exhibition or installation? Because I think this installation is also called Has the Film already Started. It is slightly confusing where it begins and where it ends because of its layout. Perhaps intentional or perhaps I was not paying enough attention. This installation is quite cool though.

      • Favourite Object/installation: This picture
      • Favourite label: N/A
      • Object/installation I wished I thought of: This one by Cerith Wyn Evans
      • Other things I noticed: You can’t missed the gigantic horrible chandelier called “Witness” If you want to see it have a look at eightlondonShe has taken lovely images of the exhibition
      • Overall rating: 2 stripes – It is confusing but has several interesting objects

Reading the post by EightLondon who seems to be very knowledgeable about fashion and seeing Grayson Perry’s exhibition confirms an idea I have had  for awhile..

What about making a correlation between exhibition/ museum object to the objects and design exist in our current/ mass market life?

That is our discussion for the next update …


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