Meetings has to end

I have learnt from my cousin the Wise Dodo (who happens to appear with Alice in a book;the excerpt where the wisdom can be found) that :

  • Meetings has to end
  • It is about time for things to move on
  • For others to understand me I need to speak plain English and not use long words
  • Eaglet knows that Wise Dodo sometimes use words that he himself does not know what it means
  • The best way to understand things is to do it
  • People tends to follow trends (in his case it is the Caucus race, in museums it is in some marketing techniques) without knowing or understanding the reason for it
  • Perhaps following trend is not such as a bad idea or perhaps it is even better to have a different idea altogether

You may find in this stripy world of mine, nothing is simply just black or just white, I will always present the stripes.


Ps of the day: I could not believe that my spell checker does not recognise the word learnt.


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